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Assembly Production Systems

With the efn concept of production systems and process technology for assembly and functional testing, having a range of manual, semi automatic and fully automated operating production cells, makes it possible to react step by step on changes in your marketplace.

Combining the benefits of the use of a basic range of standardized equipment, with scalable solutions on hand, that can progress to match increasing market requirements. It’s flexible to invest, just as needed, based on product volumes or other changing requirements; the assembly system is changing to meet your demand.

Integrated (optional) applications:

  • in-line assembly of components
  • bending and off-set forming
  • mounting and inserting of parts
  • quality check and monitoring
  • marking and labeling stations
  • autonomous handling and packaging

Products listing

Assembly units

  • from manual to automated process steps
  • mounting, stitching and connecting of components
  • bending and off-forming process steps
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Dual application units

  • pre-loading and assembly of components
  • process-integrated measurements
  • presence and short-circuit testing
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Test application units

  • presence monitoring
  • continuity and short-circuit test
  • position and tolerance check
  • high- and low-voltage testing
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Accessory devices

  • spool winding units
  • paper winding units
  • oiling machinery
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